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Why Shop With Us Online?

You've got countless choices of where to buy products and renew prescriptions for your pet online*. Read below to discover why you should shop with us. 

Shop Online with CVS Winstom-Salem

Carolina Veterinary Specialists | Vet in Winston-Salem

Easy Ordering & Checkout Online

Register at checkout to take advantage of free shipping, use coupons, and check with our office about your order.

Carolina Veterinary Specialists | Vet in Winston-Salem

Coordinated With Your Pet's Care

Your prescription renewals are always managed by our vets. Because we know your pet's medical history, we're most equipped to serve them.

Carolina Veterinary Specialists | Vet in Winston-Salem

Free Shipping With AutoShip

Do you order the same products for your pets every month? Sign up for AutoShip – it's convenient, easy, and shipping is free.

Carolina Veterinary Specialists | Vet in Winston-Salem

Great Deals & Competitive Pricing

Enjoy instant rebates, free expedited shipping, and AutoShip savings on a wide variety of products and medications.

Carolina Veterinary Specialists | Vet in Winston-Salem

Safety Comes First, Always

You can trust us. Our online pharmacy is manufacturer-approved and FDA-regulated. All our medications are safely stored and dispensed.

Online Vet Services You Can Count On

Therapeutic diets, pharmaceuticals, and compounded medications for your pet. 

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Powered by Covetrus

PetVet Care Centers and its affiliate hospitals have partnered with Covetrus, a global animal-health technology and services provider (including pharmacy services provider), to complete your pets’ prescriptions and other order of products available. Covetrus will fill and deliver your order on behalf of your veterinary hospital to your home, and your credit card statement will reflect a charge by Covetrus for your purchase. You may purchase pet prescriptions and other products from the pharmacy provider of your choice.

Caring for Winston-Salem Pets

At Carolina Veterinary Specialists, we accept new clients to our specialty services by referral only. Our 24/7 emergency service welcomes all clients.

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